Monday, December 31, 2012


New Art Journal
 I like the opportunity to start anew...why do we always wait a whole year?  I am starting a new art journal (not an altered book) and on the inside cover, I put a light colorwash in the background and then printed a map of my hometown which I then glued to the page.  I also glued the word "Pilot", which is part of the name of our local, weekly newspaper and, I put it in the book to remind myself....I am the "pilot", I am steering my own ship so to speak.  I also stamped the word HOME and added a heart to the "O".  The juxtaposition of the "ME" is intentional.  On the opposite page, I also added a light colorwash, some rubber stamping, etc.  At the top of the page was the inspiration I needed to sit down and start and it says:

"Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book.
 Write a good one."--Brad Paisley

This quote was the LOM (line over the masthead) in our local paper and enough inspiration to get me moving.  Then there is the wonderful poem For The Artist At The Start Of Day,  from the late poet, John O'DonohueIf he can't inspire you....well, nothing will.  I blogged this poem recently, but I needed to find a home for it in my book.  I also added the clock and wrote...Time is precious--Don't waste it....

I've heard too many sad stories in these last couple of weeks in  2012.  Too many people having hard times.  Am I more aware of them because I'm "older and wiser" so to speak and beyond an age where it's more "all about me?"  Clearly, as you get older....your perspective on life comes more into focus.  So, I can't procrastinate about doing my art because today is the only day we know we have and we might not have another opportunity.  Time is precious...Don't waste it.

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