Saturday, July 19, 2014


Collage circles using Gelli Art prints
Rubber stamp vine pattern
Pens and Washi tape & Acrylic paints

I've come to the conclusion that some of my art journals are intended to have some kind of message incorporated into the pages and actual drawings of people and places and things.  After doing these two pages which are not any of those...just playing with shape and color....I decided to start another journal that is nothing but playing with shape and color and trying out different art supplies and techniques.  So....this is what I started this morning...

Strathmore Watercolor Journal
Gelli Art print on deli paper for background;
Water soluble crayons around the borders;
$15 Sherwin-Williams paint coupon provided
the words Paint Palettes and the paint cans.

I often find great inspiration in home design magazines...for shapes and colors and patterns and the Pottery Barn catalog!  Can't forget that!  I have all of these blank journals....I might as well use them.

 I have a tendency to over think my art.  When I look at some artists work...their style is consistent, always recognizable as theirs. I know I've commented on this before.  I don't see that necessarily in does that mean I'm still trying to figure out my style or don't I have one that I can say is unique to me?  Who am I?  Perhaps it all boils down to doing what makes you happy.... :)  Less thinking....more ART!

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