Saturday, July 12, 2014

For The Love of Sisters

Acrylics, collage, gelli art print, washi tape, water soluble crayons
The inspiration for these pages started with a "coupon" I received in a Valentine card from my younger sister, Kahlie (Karen).  We live on opposite ends of this country and haven't seen much of each other over the past 20+ years.  So, in 2013 she gave me this "morning stroll" coupon with no expiration date...a cute idea, and I've saved it.  You'd think I'd do a Valentine's Day spread using it, but floating around my art room, I was afraid I would lose it.  
The coupon was quite colorful, so I just grabbed color from it to do my doodling around it with paints and a black pen.
This might be my favorite part of the spread.  It has quite a bit of texture.  The background is a gelli print in pale pink and white and green.  Then I took a floral napkin and cut out three of the flowers and glued them to the page.  The piece of paper scrap with the whirls of color down the left side is a piece that I love and almost have none left, but it found a home here, also up in the right side corner.  Last but not least, the page needed a quote.  I am one of 3 sisters and I have 3 flowers on this page, which says "Sisters are different flowers from the same garden."
When you flip open the right-hand page, here is more about sisters including a photo of us from's faded a bit.  Make A Wish is from artist Mary Engelbreit.
Does this close-up help?  My sister, Dianne, on the left, had some blond locks then so it's a little harder to see her in the light color....I'm in the middle and Kahlie, the coupon provider, on the right.
Three-page spread open

I don't usually post so many photos for one subject, but there was a lot going on here.  I love the black-eyed susans....flower for the state of MD where we grew up....

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