Friday, July 25, 2014



"Imagination is everything. 
 It is the preview of life's coming attractions."
----Albert Einstein

I've been exploring different ideas lately.  I went to a local art supply store this afternoon and bought a canvas.  I want to do a larger painting so with that in mind, I started adding paint to my journal page.  I'm leaning towards a landscape of some sort and by experimenting here first, I hope to figure out what's going to go on the canvas.  I always end up with something that is more folk art in style and I have to say that I like the way this turned out.  It's primarily acrylics except for the tops of the trees and the tree trunks which are Gelli art prints I recently printed.  I like the way the colors look on the treetops.  I had absolutely no plan when I started this page except that I knew trees were going to be somewhere on the page.  I'm not sure I can pre-plan whats going on the canvas because there is a certain serendipity to art that makes it unique but I have to decide overall what colors I want to use and that will dictate somewhat the direction of the piece.  Will it be a daytime landscape or a night time landscape (I always love stars)!  What season?  Total fantasy or some realism.  So many thoughts flying through my head!  It will be colorful, that I do know!  TGIF!!

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