Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Never Been to Brooklyn.....

Never Been to Brooklyn
Water colors and Micron pen
I don't recall that I've ever been to Brooklyn, however, this rooftop deck was a featured photo in the most recent House Beautiful magazine.  There was something about it....I supposed it could be a rooftop deck in any city, however, it's that steeple that would identify it as being in Brooklyn...if you know Brooklyn.  Here's the photo:
I've certainly taken liberties with the drawing but I almost felt as though I put myself there.  How lovely to have a deck like that in Brooklyn!  If you can't be in certain places to do a sketch, finding a photo in a magazine is a good alternative.  All that deck needs is a pitcher of sangria and some nachos...and some music! 
Last look....

I also did a quick little sketch of a leaf I found in my yard before the torrential rain hit yesterday...it seems a bit early for a red-orange leaf, but there it was.  I looked up and didn't see any more that looked like it.  The part of this sketch that is possibly more important than the leaf, is learning what colors would best support the leaf and make the page more interesting.  I think these colors do the trick.  I'm not ready for the leaves to be changing though!

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