Sunday, July 10, 2016


I've been doing little sketches in my 5 x 7 sketchbook.  For the first one, it was one of those days where the sky just kept getting darker...and then the heavens opened for some much needed rain. It was so oppressive that day...the air was heavy.  I didn't know how to capture that...but I still like my sketch.
Stormy Weather

The Bethel Cinema
I took some artistic license with this sketch.  I drew it prior to catching a matinee recently while sitting in my car.  I drew the theater and took photos so that I could paint it when I got home.  The tall sign piece on the right, actually is up by the road, to let you know what's in the shopping center.  I thought it added enough interest to include.  If I were to paint this sketch the way the building would have been entirely beige.  There are really no interesting architectural features to this place, so, at the suggestion of my artsy sister,  I added purple to the glass and orange to the roof and the pops of greenery to give it some kind of color.  If they were to paint the brick façade on this shopping would give it some zip!  That's my favorite theater to go to as they show great films.  And the last sketch I did today....

It's The Berries
I have a mini red colander that I put my blueberries in.  So...prior to eating them...sketch!  The berries outside the colander show today's date.  And I splattered it with some of the blue paint...blueberries can be messy!

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