Monday, July 11, 2016

More Red, White & Blue....I can't help it.....

Rockin' July 4th
Collage - Acrylics - Watercolor - Ink
In my art journal
I was gathering the newspapers to recycle for the trash pick-up this week when I remembered that I wanted to save the front page photo from our weekly town newspaper, celebrating July 4.  The photo is super! 
I glued it to the middle of my journal page and added some blue paint around the top and sides. Then I painted a "flag-like" stripe across the bottom portion and added some people to watch the fireworks.  I also added some more drama to the fireworks with acrylic paint in order to make the photo and my art a more cohesive piece. 
It sort of reminds me of my younger years of watching a movie at a drive-in (without the cars). Kind of lovin' this page.  I'm all about the red, white & blue.
Some close-ups...

Love the 4th of July!

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