Friday, February 5, 2016


Inspired by a Starbucks bag
and heart month...

My fingertips are recovering from shoveling snow off of my cold!  It's a good thing I sat down to create some art before I went outside.
This collage was created by things I had on my work table...which is a mess.  There are so many paint containers and lots of paper...tissue, napkins, just bits paper!  I love paper.  The cup, as  you can see, is a heart shape that I cut out of a napkin. That, along with the Starbucks bag which has its own art, were the inspirations for this piece.  Added to that, I have this wonderful tissue paper with the bees all over it.  There's nothing better on a snowy, winter day than a hot cup of something and a little creativity.  Enjoy your cuppa!

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