Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Napkins Provide Texture

Art Journal
Mixed Media
Using a napkin

Looking for a starting point for a journal page today, I grabbed a napkin.  Napkins are great on journal pages not only for the wonderful art they contain, but also for the texture they add to the paper.  So I tore part of a napkin that, as you can see, has the Eiffel tower; it contained maps, butterflies...kind of an old world look. I glued it down with some Decou-Page.  Then I started covering up parts of the napkin with paint, and isolated the part that had the Eiffel Tower which became a vase.  Cool things happen when you least expect it, but I think the vase looks like clear glass with a design painted on it.  I also isolated the butterfly, and covered everything around it.  The parts that are covered with paint...mostly blue because I love the color blue....add nice texture to the page.
I also added flowers....Overall, it feels nice to run your hand across the page.  I went from doing the large painting of my art supply cabinet...which was much more "controlled" because I was replicating a piece of furniture...to doing a more "free art" style today....what's my next large painting going to be?  I haven't got a clue.  

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