Monday, February 22, 2016

My Art Supply Cabinet

Cabinet of My Dreams
Acrylics - 24 x 30
I first posted about this cabinet several years ago....not sure how many.  It's a 1930's dining room cabinet that I found at a furniture consignment store.  It was dark wood (cherry?) and probably had been stored in a basement or attic for many years.  I'm sure at one time, someone displayed their china teacups and such in it.  For my purposes, it was to become my art supplies cabinet and I painted the cabinet as you see in the painting above.  A couple of years ago, I painted this same cabinet on a 5 x 7 canvas board to see how I liked it.  Certainly not with as much detail.  Early on...

I actually learned something after I got the basic drawing on the canvas and that is...if I had broken it down into rectangles and triangles, it would have been much easier to draw from the get-go.  I was looking at it as a cabinet with doors and drawer, etc., instead of breaking it down.  I did not get a good grade from my 10th grade Geometry teacher....

Before adding the red to the background, I painted the background a dark green  (sorry, no photo) so that when I added the would be toned down.  My sister had reminded me about "under painting" and I'm glad she did.

I've tweaked it and tweaked it until I can tweak it no more.  I love my art cabinet, obviously.  So now I have the cabinet and a painting of the cabinet!  I think I'm done with this.  The real one below...excuse the mess, but it is an art room after all.

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Sewing In CT said...

Love this! So glad you are having fun with your easel!