Thursday, February 11, 2016

When You Can't Be in the Caribbean.....

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I'm feeling the "island" vibe even though it's  20 degrees here and the wind chill is I don't know what....It's COLD!  When I was at my niece's wedding in New Orleans a few years ago, I wandered into an art gallery that had a large painting...maybe 6' x 6'....and it was a painting of African American people, very colorful.  I can't remember any more about it...except that I remember that I would have liked to have carried it out of the gallery!  It was sooo cool. 
I was looking through some  of my paper stash this forget what you have....and I came across a 2 page flyer from the cafeteria at my former office.  It was from Black History month, probably a couple of years ago.  Inside of it, it had a recipe for Caribbean Jerk Chicken (sounds good), and also explains the difference between plantains and bananas.  I happen to really like plantains.  And it had some other interesting facts as well.  It  also contained a photo of some tropical yellow fruit (no not bananas) and some very colorful beads. I tore the photo into strips. 
 I put some random paint on my journal page...used neon acrylic colors mostly, and then I glued these strips onto the page on top of the paint.  I hadn't actually intended to do a face but, as you can see, I did a face.  Island woman.  I have to say, I love her.  Fun day in my art room!

Feeling a little Bob Marley now?
Don't happy.....

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