Friday, February 5, 2016

Snippets of Life


It's a snowy morning here and I'm wandering around my house with thoughts whirling in my head, much like the snow outside.  What to paint next?  While I'm thinking about that, I'm sharing this book that my sister recommended to me...a wonderful little mystery I picked up at our local library.  It takes place in a fictitious village that has one bistro...where you'd really like to go and have a cafe au lait and a croissant and sit and observe  its' life and people.  A wonderful character, Inspector Gamache, leads the murder investigation and his insights on life and people in general are so well written.  After all, that's his job.  Here's an observation from the inspector...."Homes, Gamache knew, were a self-portrait.  A person's choice of color, furnishings, pictures.  Every touch revealed the individual."  The writer is a very good storytelling artist.
Think about all of the "vignettes" in your home, the little things you love, the things that make it home...this is a little corner in my kitchen.  Home.

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