Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Coloring Book

Color Me Happy

While listening to the President deliver his State of the Union address last night, I colored another page in my coloring book.  For this page, I used my Faber- Castell pens (Indian ink waterproof).  Colored pencils work really well, although, I have to say that these pens go on very smoothly and the color is rich.  My only concern is that I might use up all of the ink in them just in this one coloring book!  I've always loved coloring books so this new popularity is great as there are so many to choose from. You really have to look at the books before you commit to buying one (or 2 or 3).  Some of the books have drawings where the lines are so close together I don't know how you color them.  And I like variety, so my book has different chapters, different subjects. I'm doing the pages in order because I know if I skip one because I like the next picture better...I might not go back.  If you just like doing flowers or mandalas, you can find books with just those in the book.  One of my chapters is called Whimsical Imagery, another is Music. The drawings are great!  Sharing my new experience with coloring, fun, fun....  

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