Thursday, January 21, 2016


Flowers- Mini Journal
Floral Napkin

It's late...I probably shouldn't be blogging...tired.  I went to a lecture at our local library on Picasso and Braque.  It's been about 45 years since I've taken anything involving Art History and yet, I learned things about Picasso that I didn't know.  Man...the guy was prolific!  I don't know what drives a person to create as many paintings as he did.  Now all of this has nothing to do with my floral picture.  Today I decided to glue a napkin that I liked into my floral journal.  I'll see it more in the journal than stuck in a drawer where I found the napkin.  The right page is obviously the napkin and the left page is the second layer of the napkin that I peeled away. You might call it the "ghost". There was still a pretty decent imprint of the pattern, so I glued it to the left side.  I saved a little square of the darker napkin and put it in the center.  Then I took a Sharpie and drew lines around the floral and bird imprints that I could see.  There are so many beautiful napkins.  Caspari makes some of the nicest.  I'd like to do a journal just on some of their napkins, however, they're expensive and I never see them on sale. buy a package of napkins for one page each could get a little bit pricey.  The journal would be pretty though!

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