Saturday, January 16, 2016

Gifts in my Life

Gifts in my Life

I finished this sweet little journal this morning that I started in 2014.  I bought the journal at a store in our local mall.  I didn't like the padded paper inside, so I removed it and created manila file folder pages.  I do love the fabric cover and the whimsical style of it's creator.  Inside the front cover...

That is still the fabric cover on the left side, the beginning of the manila folder pages on the right...below is the side view so you can see the thickness of the book.  (Overall, 6 x 8 inches)

And I am updating a post from friend, Jan, has too much personality to have not had more color on my art about her...

The birds serve two purposes...mother and daughter represented on these two pages...and they also represent Jan and I....two friends.

C'est fini!

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