Saturday, January 23, 2016


Art Journal
Bundled Up
I can tell you for sure, that this page in my journal did not start out as a painting of people.  If you look closely at the background, you might see that I "covered stuff up", whited it out and was about to give it up as a hot mess.  But then I thought...I don't like to leave pages in my journal a mess.  I want them to be...something.  So today, maybe it was that "intuitive" process kicking in as I went around some of what is underneath and sort of "erased it" with the white paint, leaving the stuff that I thought I could work with uncovered.  I didn't take photos from the get-go because I just didn't.  I do have one photo in process....

So the question is, can you fix a mess?  And the answer is, yes.  You just have to keep working through the process. The blowing snow outside might have something to do with how this came out...people bundled together.  This is why you just have to sit at your desk and... just do it...something, anything!

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