Sunday, March 6, 2016


Strathmore Watercolor Journal
Non-Dominant Hand 
Faber Castell Pens - Ink

I debated whether to post this.  When I'm just practicing stuff, sometimes it doesn't seem worth sharing.  I'm taking a wonderful, on-line class of Pam Garrison's.  I won't go into detail, but this particular exercise is using a pen and your non-dominant hand to just make lines-marks on the page.  I did that.  Then you're supposed to look at the lines-marks and see if you "see", birds, etc.  and once you decide what you are looking at, you add color to the page to bring these drawings out.  OK.  This is a challenge! 
The drawing itself is random;  you're not supposed to think about anything except making marks on the paper.  And then you study the page. It's harder than you think. Pam makes it look so easy! The page above...I had to ignore some of the lines and see if I could come up with something and it ended up with being a pregnant woman doing a little exercise.  I left her belly white so it would stand out.  I didn't "see" birds or fact, I ignored some of my lines in order to come up with a drawing at all.  My problem...and it is my that I hate the learning process.  I just want to see it done and be able to do it instantaneously.  IT JUST DOESN'T WORK THAT WAY!  Pam's class on Creative Bug is really great.  I just have to bite the bullet and do multiple (yikes!) exercises to get the technique down. 
Below is one of the exercises...I just didn't see anything to pull out of the page.

And here's another one....

It's just random.  So...I'll continue to watch her video and learn the technique...I hope!

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