Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Junk Mail Journal - Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn Tri-fold Mailer
Creating a junk journal is really a great way to get your creativity going.  There are no rules doesn't have to make sense and it certainly doesn't have to be perfect....We all get things in the mail like this.  The paper is heavy cardstock...
Open it looks like this...
The pieces across the bottom are already folded up, creating pockets and I stitched them on the seams on my sewing machine.  Now I've been inspired many times by Pottery Barn catalogs when I'm working in my journals.  I've cut out all sorts of things and glued them onto my pages.  Having this little mailer "journal" ready to great is that. ( I put gesso over the slick surface)
Here is what I did to the cover....

The top inch across is from the catalog....I did nothing to it.  The next part is the LOM (line over the masthead) from the local weekly newspaper where I live. "Don't stop thinking about tomorrow." - Christie McVie. (If you don't know who Fleetwood Mac is, what can I tell you). The next part is from a magazine, perhaps Architectural Digest...L'Art de Vivre....great title for my little book. 
Across the bottom, the building drawings are from the Sunday NY Times; an ad for a show called The Humans.  I know nothing about the the drawings.  Let's go inside...
Flat View
Inside the tri-fold on the left is a postcard from an illustrator that I saved from work.  Love her drawing..."put on your thinking hat".  I actually have that attached with tape at the top of the fold.
Underneath that card is what you see above.  The scallop at the top is a butterfly pillow in PB as is the colorful pillow underneath the words, and a bright yellow lemon.  The words are from an ad from Fidelity!  In the pocket I have a small envelope and the card inside says, Creative License...which is what I've taken with all of this stuff! Below is the middle spread.  I saved the window from the original ad as well as the pots, but I added another pot from the catalog.  The bird I had.  I found the words, room with a view, and wonder what the bird is looking at...note the book titles, Modern Views and Passage...kind of like how that works.  I also added a butterfly and the blue paper you see behind the pot is from a bank envelope.  
I made an ATC tag for the pocket that I painted blue, stamped a window design and added this cool female from CN Traveler magazine.  What is her view of the world you might wonder?  On the pocket I have a ticket for the San Francisco Railway that says ONE RIDE ONLY and I wrote the word Life on the sticker.  Self-explanatory there.

The right side of the tri-fold included a baby photo which I painted over, added the butterfly scallop at the top and left some of the baby blanket showing.  It says Start your story...isn't that where we all begin?  I added a tag that has a child's handprint and I wrote on it...We all have to grow up. On the pocket, I painted over the furniture photo, added an American flag ( I do that a lot in my work) and the sequin heart I glued to the hand.  Here's what the baby photo looked like...I also saved the Cuddle More, Work have to love that!  Out of the mouths of babes as they say....

Moving on....

The right hand page here (when it's folded) is kind of crazy.  It has the buildings on the bottom and a photo of silverware that I glued over words, again from the PB catalog.  I wrote the word SHINE across it. 
Flat view
With 6 individual surfaces and pockets, there was a lot to do here.  It kind of surprised me.  So...the middle here shows a chandelier from the PB, the graph from my electric bill, the word Bedazzled, a stamped candelabra and at the bottom, The Arts, The New York's a close up.

For a small journal, this is a long post. It was a lot of fun.  There are a couple of places I could still alter, but I think I'm done with this.  Go check your mailbox!

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