Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Art Journal
Watercolors and Pen
Rubber Stamps
So this BUG is an introvert??  Well, he is for my journaling purposes here.  He certainly doesn't look like an introvert.  It's not always easy to tell an introvert.
I found this piece of paper that I had displayed at my work desk before recently retiring...I think it's big enough to read....because, well, I am an introvert!
Maybe that's why I enjoy creating art so easier way for me to communicate what I'm feeling and thinking.

On the page where I put the manifesto, underneath it I glued pieces of napkins.  These napkins were in my fun retirement basket and the circles says things like... Follow Your Dreams, Listen To Your Heart, Be Fearless, Make A Difference.  Even in retirement...there's time to do these things.  

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