Tuesday, March 22, 2016

PASSION WEEK - It's A Mad World

It's A Mad Mad World
Acrylics, water colors, ink, collage

Today we awoke to the news that Brussels had been hit by two bombs, one at the airport and one at a train station.   This what I call my art when I do it in a sort of "frenzy".  This just isn't the week for Easter eggs and chicks this year.  To what end is all of this that's happening in the world?  A close-up below of some of the lost souls ....
And I did put words from the song, It's A Mad World, here and there.

"Bright and early for their daily races...going nowhere, going nowhere."
That song was sung on the live TV performance of a modern day Passion which was quite good if you happened to see it.  It is a mad world.

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