Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Art Journal
Mixed Media
Feelin' Fishy
In the home stretch in this journal, so I've been going through it and tweaking things here and there.  The above page had some stencil paint remnant on it.  I took a different stencil, the one I call fish scales, and added spray ink to the page.  Shades of favorite.  I then took a piece of "delicious" paper, aka deli paper, that my sister and I probably created on a vacation a couple of years ago using the Gelli plate.  I have a nice stash of papers from that time...but I could always use more.  I cut fish shapes out of it.  The paper has wonderful colors and lots of metallic paint and it's semi-transparent.  The fish came out great.  The crab is a Maryland Blue Crab (is there any other kind???) and it was in my stash.  I carefully cut it out and added some paint to it.  So that's another page done...and I like it...
Here's another fish page I did today...I'm into fish...what can I say?

Water soluble crayons
Water Colors - Ink
Weathervane Fish
Back during Memorial Day, I had painted a beach house scene and posted it here and the page opposite that was blank.  Today I painted this weathervane fish.  My mind is actually spinning with some kind of fish painting in mind...whether on watercolor paper or canvas...I just don't know yet.  Fish are a great subject that come in myriads of color....endless options...maybe too many, which is why I'm still pondering the fish...

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