Saturday, June 11, 2016

Graveyard Sketch

Christ Church Parish Graveyard
In the sketchbook

After I sketched my garden shed, I took a drive over to my church to see what I might sketch in the graveyard.  The graves are very old, from the Revolutionary War, and many are broken or you can  no longer read the engravings.  It's a very interesting place. I chose the stone above because I could still read the words had an American flag on it to indicate that a veteran was buried there.  I took photos while I was there as there is potential for more sketches but I might just pay another visit.  There's nothing like natural light.  The two locations I chose to sketch driveway and the graveyard...there were no people around.  I'm trying to gain confidence so that I can sketch in a public place where there are people around and not feel self-conscious.  Haven't tried that yet....I'm a work in progress!

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