Monday, June 20, 2016

Love Me Love My Dog

Ink and Watercolor
Love Me Love My Dog

I am loving sketching.  I feel like everything I look at now....I picture as a possible sketch!  It's crazy...and it's fun.  You don't have to be perfect because you're capturing just a piece of what you're looking at.  How divine and stress free.  I was watching a video on sketching (yeah) and I looked up and saw Boomer snoozing on the couch....he just looked so sweet....had to be in the sketchbook.  In the early part of sketching him...he changed position!  I had to did those paws look exactly...especially the one closest to his face....In the end it all came out.  (I see I forgot to finish his nose!) 
Here is a sketch I did this morning...

The Early Bird Cafe

I went out for breakfast this morning and sketched The Early Bird Café when I got home.  This was more difficult than sketching Boomer...there were reflections in the glass, perspective and all of those chairs and table legs to make sense of....which I didn't really, but I'll keep practicing 'til I get the technique down.  The great thing about makes me want to draw, and drawing can help my paintings whether in my art journals or on a canvas.  So much fun.

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