Saturday, June 4, 2016

Too Much Fun...

In My Sketchbook
Water Colors!
These are the water colors that Tom gave me for Christmas.  There's actually a whole other row of colors under the ones I drew here.  Then I went outside...

This sketch is an area of my backyard...I know it's hard to see; below you see it in color.

The Pink Shop
I was at a local hardware on Rt. 7 earlier today, and directly across the street from where I parked, was this little pink shop.  It's empty now but it's been many shops over the years and not always pink.   It sits in a precarious place with a river right behind it....almost under it.  So I snapped a photo and came home to sketch it and add a little bit of water color.  Here's the photo of it...
How could I not try to capture it?  It's sweet.  I love the "looseness" of sketching!

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