Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Yesterday's Lunch
Tuna Salad, Tomatoes and Grapes
on a glass plate
In my sketchbook
5 x 7
Working directly with a pen...no erasing, I see the errors of my ways.  I learned from my sister, that when sketching....to include every line so to speak, around the perimeter of the drawing.  In other words, I shouldn't have drawn the entire circle (plate) without including that one grape hanging over the plate at the top.  So, unfortunately, it has a line through it.  Secondly, because I wasn't drawing "live" from the plate, but used a photo of the lunch...when I finished the drawing, I realized that I didn't have the entire fork....and that's because it wasn't in the photo!  The drawing looked funny with the fork cut off.   So I cheated a bit and added a longer fork after I had written the words on the page.  It worked OK. The fork looks like its seen better days!  I did not include the dark wood of the table underneath the glass plate...not sure how that would have turned out. 
The food itself....how do you paint tuna salad??  Below is a close-up...you can't see my mistakes here!  Next time I should sketch the lunch before I eat it....note to self. 

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