Monday, April 11, 2016

Creative Genius, David Beck

Documentary Film is a must see
We have a terrific library in the town where I live, and yesterday I went to see a documentary film about the artist, David Beck.  His creative genius blew me away.  I really can't stop thinking about it because he is one of a kind.  There is no one who does what he does on the planet.  There's not even a book on him to buy and yet his work is in the Smithsonian.  He is a workaholic artist.  If you have a chance to see this have to go.  I understand it will be on PBS in the fall and I look forward to that.  
So meanwhile, today, I was attempting to draw a pencil sketch of him because I want to capture the feeling of what I saw yesterday in my journal.  It's a beginning...
and here is the photo...
My face is a bit too long and I'm having trouble with the right side.  OK, it needs work. Don't know whether to just go with it, or start a new sketch.  What I'm most interested in capturing, is that tiny little bit of a smile.  He's looking down, so you can't see his eyes hardly at all, but I can see in this photo of him....that sense of humor coming out in his face...which is evident in his art. He is truly gifted.  I don't quite have the vision of the journal pages yet, but I did think that including a sketch of him should be part of it.

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