Friday, April 29, 2016

Goats in the Garden

Art Journal
Mixed Media
I couldn't think of what else to call this, but Goats in the Garden.  Originally, I was going to do cows.  I used various papers... some are painted deli paper (for the background); the goat body on the left is from a magazine and the one on the right is just a special little piece of paper I had.  The goat on the left looks like it just consumed the veggies in the garden and the other goat looks dressed up for ...what?
You may not see the connection, but I was inspired to do the page above after doing this page yesterday...
This page is also mixed media, focusing on the color orange.  The orange block on the bottom left with the white blossoms made me think of a cows body which is why I segued to the art posted at the top with two goats.  Makes perfect sense!  Not.  I was experimenting with the body of an animal not having it look like a traditional body.  My art lesson to me today.   Think like a kid.  Think outside the box. Or goat body.  

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