Thursday, April 7, 2016

Rainy Day Art

Art Journal
No theme today
Just an art exercise
I'm calling this Rainy Day art because I don't have a theme or anything in particular that's calling me today.  I had my inks, stencils, Gelliarts plate, etc., etc., out.  I can't decide if it's harder to have a theme or not!  If I have a theme, I know what I'm working towards and often times when that's the case, I have an adrenaline rush such as the day I did my Brussels page.  When I don't have a theme in feels a little more challenging because....what's it going to look like in the end?  How much should I keep adding or did I put too much on and now what?  You know....?  This page has about everything but the kitchen sink if you know what I mean.  It has no meaning, it just is.  Maybe I should call it... IS?
Some more photos....
In the beginning...above and

 one more...

Art IS.

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